In-patient and day-patient offers (CA)

For children and adolescents, the parents or guardians are often important participants in the therapy as they are usually the people who are best able to support their children in everyday life. Depending on the problem and the age of the patient, the participation of the parents can have differing degrees.

Also important to know: Doctors' and therapists' obligation of confidentiality also applies towards parents. Therefore, what the children, adolescents, and young adults say in the therapy cannot be passed on to their parents without the patients' agreement. Only if the child or adolescent poses a threat to himself or others do the guardians have to be informed.

Clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy, or psychosomatic medicine

In in-patient care, i.e. in the specialist departments for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, patients with all mental health conditions are treated who find themselves in acute crises and in whom out-patient and day-patient therapeutic measures are no longer sufficient.
Child and adolescent psychiatric day clinics offer children and adolescents, who need an intensive supervision and are not yet or no longer treated as in-patients, the possibility of a day-patient treatment on weekdays. In the evenings, at night, and at the weekend, the children and adolescents live in their usual family environment.

Based on the main focus of the facility, children of different ages and with different problems are admitted. For example, treatment is provided for developmental and relationship disorders, severe school difficulties, anxieties, compulsions, addiction, eating disorders, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), emotional disorders, disabilities, early childhood regulatory disorders, psychotic disorders and psychological problems in children and adolescents with chronic physical illnesses. There are also parent-child clinics in which the parents are admitted as in-patients together with their children to enable them to be more intensively integrated into the treatment.

Hamburg hospitals with child and adolescent psychiatry can be found in the Hospital directory (German) of the Department of Health and Consumer Protection. A list of the in-patient and day-patient offers for children and adolescents in Hamburg can also be found in the Therapy Guide for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (German) of the City of Hamburg from page 193.

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Nina Weymann (Psychological psychotherapist), Dr. Lisa Tlach (Psychologist), Dr. Jörg Dirmaier (Psychological psychotherapist), Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Härter (Physician and psychological psychotherapist)

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