Self-help and trialogue

The psychiatric self-help movement has grown strongly in the last ten to 20 years in the German-speaking countries. A fundamental task is the equal support and exchange of experiences of mentally ill persons and / or their families.

In the Therapy Guide for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (German) of the City of Hamburg, you can find self-help groups for mentally ill persons and family members from page 88. A public list of self-help groups for persons with mental illnesses and family members can be found in the Hamburg self-help group directory (ed. KISS Hamburg, German version).

Further information on existing and newly emerging self-help groups can be found under:

Kiss Hamburg are the three contact and information centres in Hamburg:

NAKOS is the Germany-wide information, service, and networking establishment in the field of self-help.

Psychosis seminar – trialogue forum

Psychosis seminars or trialogue forums aim at an equalexchange of experiences and mutual training of those with experience of psychosis, family members, and therapists. "Trialogue" means a conversation between three people or between three groups. The various experiences of the participating patients, family members and therapists are the central focus of the trialogue. There are trialogue forums not only for psychosis but now also for other diagnostic groups (in particular with people who have experienced bipolar and borderline disorder and their family members).

Further information on psychosis seminars and trialogue forums in Hamburg can be found at

Peer support

In peer support, people with experiences of their own mental crises (patient peer counselling) and people with experiences in dealing with their own affected family members (family peer counselling) support other sufferers on the road to recovery following counsellor training.

The counselling is confidential and free of charge, and you determine the frequency and duration. You can be supported for up to half a year. You do not need to register in advance.

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Nina Weymann (Psychological psychotherapist), Dr. Lisa Tlach (Psychologist), Dr. Jörg Dirmaier (Psychological psychotherapist), Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Härter (Physician and psychological psychotherapist)

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