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Awareness instead of stigma and knowledge instead of fear

We want to achieve awareness for the theme of mental illnesses. We want to foster sensitivity and tolerance and break down prejudices towards people with psychological problems and mental illnesses and their family members.

In this area of our psychenet internet offer, you can find placards, cinema adverts, short films and cards of our information campaign. You will find these in the menu ordered according to the various illnesses as well as in family members / partners and occupational health.
This campaign is a joint work by sufferers, family members and professionals in collaboration with

The faces on the placards and cards, in the cinema ads and short films are as genuine as their very personal stories (of suffering). Patients, family members and partners of Irre menschlich Hamburg e.V. made this courageous contribution.

We would be happy for you to use the placards and films for education and information in your region. Please fill out this contact form.

Media campaign


Media campaign


Media campaign

Bipolar disorder

Media campaign

Eating disorder

Strong partners

Online-Studie zu Z-Substanzen und Benzodiazepinen

Im Rahmen einer Studie wird am Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf eine Befragung zum Einnahmeverhalten von Z-Substanzen (Wirkstoffe: Zopiclon, Zolpidem, Zaleplon) und Benzodiazepinen (z.B. Diazepam) durchgeführt.

Haben Sie in den letzten 12 Monaten schon einmal solche Medikamente (Z-Substanzen und/oder Benzodiazepine) eingenommen? Dann würden Sie die Wissenschaftler:innen bitten, an der Befragung zu Ihrem Einnahmeverhalten teilzunehmen. Die Online-Befragung dauert ca. 10 Minuten.

Unter folgendem Link können Sie an der Studie teilnehmen:

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