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When your soul suffers - Information on mental illnesses

On the following pages, you will find information about common mental illnesses. We wish to inform those affected by mental health problems, their family members and other interested parties about typical burdens, causes, manifestations and treatment options for mental illnesses in adulthood.

Under Basic facts, you can find answers to general questions: What is mental health? What actually is a diagnosis? How can mental illnesses be treated? What is psychotherapy?



Only when I could no longer sleep did I wake up: I had depression


Somatoform disorders

I was 30 years old when a friend died of cancer. And then it was for me the first time that I couldn’t cope in life, I felt somehow uprooted.



Everybody talks to themselves sometimes. But not everybody hears voices while they do.



Eating less and less every day – at some point it eats you up.



It is the expression of a mental tension, like despair, not being able to stand anything anymore and even vomiting normal portions.


Bipolar disorder

I never felt good or bad. Instead, I always felt completely brilliant or absolutely awful.


Panic and agoraphobia

[...] and was also very unsure, as soon as I went outside the door, I no longer felt good.


Social phobia


Generalized anxiety disorder

Strong partners

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